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President’s Message

  Ruth Thelma P. Tingda, RN, MAN, MM National President, PNA (2017) January-June 2017 Issue   Nursing is caring. That is, and will always be the core of nursing – the denial of self for the welfare of others. Given this, nursing is also multi-faceted and thus continuously evolves and adapts – to changing needs […]

Fortifying Nursing Practice Through Research and Utilization

EDITORIAL ERLINDA CASTRO-PALAGANAS, PhD, RN Editor-in-Chief January-June 2017 Issue   Nortifying refers to strengthening the foundation of something. In relation to the nursing profession, it can mean strategies to to impart vigor, to increase effectiveness, to strengthen and protect against opponents’ attack; or to strengthen mentally or morally (http://www.definitions.net). One of the strategies that can […]

Most Popular Articles

Most downloaded articles: PJN Vol. 86 | No. 2 |  July-December 2016 ___________________________ Work Environment of Nurses in the Philippines: A Preliminary Study The Silent Epidemic: Understanding the Concept of Workplace Bullying Among Nurses  The 3H Model of Holistic Care in Nursing PJN Vol. 87 | No. 1 | January-June 2017 ___________________________ Effect of Psychoeducation on Self-esteem […]