The Philippine Journal of Nursing, an international peer reviewed journal, is the official publication of the Philippines Nurses Association published biannually. It considers original articles written for, but not limited to, Filipino nurses at all levels of health care organizations and in various settings. The Philippine Journal of Nursing will serve as: 1) Venue for the publication of scientific and research papers in the areas of Nursing practice and Nursing education ; 2) Source of updates on policies and standards relevant to Nursing practice and Nursing education, and 3) Medium for collegial interactions among nurses to promote professional growth. The Philippine Journal of Nursing invites original research and scientific papers, full text or abstract, written by registered nurses on different areas of nursing practice, including but not limited to clinical , community, administration, and education.



January-June 2017


This issue’s cover consists of several elements:  We can see two hands (purple and green), a column, a bar graph with the open pages of a book/journal in green, and a semi-circle on which rests houses, trees, a hospital, a churches and buildings.  The two hands represent the nurse and/ or the researcher as well as research and utilization.  The joining together of the two hands shows that research output and research utilization must co-exist.  Additionally, the different colours of the two hands represent intra- and interprofessional collaboration; together, the hands a column that interfaces with a bar graph and some open pages of a book/journal which both emerge research activities. The column represents nursing practice that is built on evidence from research (bar graph and book / journal). The column fortifies the planet in general, and the communities in particular, as represented by the semi-circle.  Together, these serve as a foundation which supports individual, community and planetary health.  The institutions that rest on the semi-circle emphasize the role of intersectoral collaboration. – Dr. Edward Cruz


PJN VOL. 86 | NO. 2

July-December 2016
Theme: Advancing Nursing Research in Practice, Advocacy and Policy