The Philippine Journal of Nursing, an international peer reviewed journal, is the official publication of the Philippines Nurses Association published biannually. It considers original articles written for, but not limited to, Filipino nurses at all levels of health care organizations and in various settings. The Philippine Journal of Nursing will serve as: 1) Venue for the publication of scientific and research papers in the areas of Nursing practice and Nursing education ; 2) Source of updates on policies and standards relevant to Nursing practice and Nursing education, and 3) Medium for collegial interactions among nurses to promote professional growth. The Philippine Journal of Nursing invites original research and scientific papers, full text or abstract, written by registered nurses on different areas of nursing practice, including but not limited to clinical , community, administration, and education.



July-December 2017


This issue’s theme, Research: Transforming Health and Health Care Systems, is represented by a colourful butterfly. As a butterfly metamorphoses from an egg, so does the country’s health care system evolve to meet the people’s and society’s needs. The different stages that make up a butterfly’s life cycle represent quantitative research – it goes through well-defined steps. Qualitative research is represented by the Chrysalis and Butterfly stages of this magnificent insect’s metamorphosis. While we know that these stages are taking place, we do not know how things will turn out for the butterfly – its colour, the span of its wings, etc., until it emerges from its chrysalis, and begins to fly and continues on with its life cycle. The image of the butterfly is superimposed on different photographs that represent the different players within the health care system – the nurse scientists/researchers, bedside nurses, civil society, government leaders, leaders of professional organizations, academics, and health care organizations – emphasizing that research is not an individual undertaking, but a product of collaboration, if we want it to be impactful in transforming our health care system. – Dr. Edward Cruz


PJN VOL. 87 | NO. 1

January-June 2017
Theme: Fortifying Nursing Practice through Research and Utilization