Relationship Between Level of Readiness for Self-directed
Learning and Learning Styles of CEU Nursing Students

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Vincent Raphael Manarang, MAN, RN
Pearl Ed G. Cuevas, MAN, PhD, RN, FGNLA


This study aimed to assess the level of readiness of student nurses for self-directed learning and their learning styles. It also determined the relationship between the two factors and the relationship of each factor to the respondents’ demographic profile. This descriptive- correlational study utilized the Autonomous Learner Index of Abu-Moghli, Khalaf, Halabi & Wardam (2005) to assess the students’ level of readiness in self-directed learning, and the Learning Style Inventory of Kolb & Kolb (2005) to assess their learning style type. No sampling technique was used because total population was included covering all 103 regular nursing students of Centro Escolar University for First semester of academic year 2016-2017. The study underwent Ethics Review Board Approval before it was implemented. Results of the study revealed that most of the nursing students were independent learners (52%). There were no dependent learners but since several respondents who were uncertain (48%), it is the role of nurse educators to develop their independence in learning. all the four types of learning styles namely: Accommodative, Convergent, Assimilative and Divergent; were present showing the variation in learning styles of nursing students. But it was found out that they mostly prefer the Convergent learning style, especially the junior and senior students. The study concluded that there was no relationship between the variables: demographic profile, self-directed learning readiness and learning style. However, the scores of convergent learning style were higher than that of divergent and accommodative in their self-directed learning readiness.

Keywords: Self-directed Learning, Learning Styles, Nursing Education, Active Learning, Readiness for Self-directed Learning


About the Authors

Vincent Raphael Manarang, MAN, RN, finished his Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2009 and Master of Arts in Nursing Administration. in 2017 at Centro Escolar University Manila. He is a faculty member at the same university teaching subjects such as General Anatomy, Physiology, Histology and Pathology. As a researcher, he won his first achievement in the field of research at the 9th National Nursing Research Conference when he landed the First Place for Podium Presentation in the Professional Category. His research interests are focused on Nursing Education.

Pearl Ed G. Cuevas, MAN, PhD, RN, FGNLA, is an Associate Professor at Centro Escolar University Manila, School of Nursing and the Graduate School. She is a fellow of the Gerontology Nursing Leadership Academy, Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society of Nursing. Her research interests include theory testing and mix methods research. She is the National Secretary of the PNA House of Delegates 2017. She is also a board representative of NCR for the Philippine Nursing Research Society.