A Historic Legacy of Championing the Welfare of Filipino Nurses since 1922

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Marian G. Santos, MAN, RN

Since its incorporation in 1922, the Philippine Nurses Association (PNA) has been an “outlet” for all Filipino nurses in addressing diverse concerns from their work places to the pressing matters affecting their rights as Filipino citizens. In 1951, PNA sponsored HB 1097 to standardize nurses’ salary and to instate automatic increase for those serving in the government. It was during the same year when the late Anastacia Giron Tupas, the founder of PNA was given the Presidential Medal of Merit due to her key role in lobbying for the standardization of nursing education. In 1953, PNA sponsored RA 877 to provide a Board of Examiners for nurses and other provisions relative to nursing practice. It was in this same year that the internationally recognized Philippine Journal of Nursing (PJN) was created by PNA. In 2000, PNA held PDOS trainings in partnership with POEA to adequately prepare nurses for work overseas. And in 2005, PNA signed a MOA with other Filipino organizations abroad that resulted into the establishment of NCLEX testing centers in the country.