President’s Message



President, PNA (2016)
July-December 2016 Issue

Linking research, practice, advocacy and policy is a gargantuan reverie of manifold stratum nowadays but it is gaining support. Investigative study at different levels across young nursing professionals needs greater encouragement and reinforcement. Though, these nurses who are apt for developing policy out of scientific study need also bolstering to guarantee better outcome for use in advancing health and well-being of our people, the nation and the world.

Advancing the basic scientific knowledge and technological capabilities is the key to expansion and innovation. Expansion is inclusive of biobehavioral or sociocultural exploration of possibilities even if it is risky or at odds. This exemplifies connection to generate more enquiries for evidence of legitimacy and precision in particular areas of investigation. Since, absence of growth or development in a specific field may dawdle policy initiatives slowing progress as a result.

We must call on our nursing leaders in the nursing profession to lead us into the discovery of science in physical and natural phenomenon— if we really want change in health practice, advocacy and policy. We must be entrepreneurs in health research and clinical practice for the preservation and recovery of lives that make the health care system more efficient, receptive, and successful. Both research and practice must be recognized first as tied equally and not be treated separately. Moreover, research and practice are fashioned by similar powers that control the public, as well as the geopolitical and socioeconomic circumstances. Hence, scientific research and clinical practice are intrinsically and dynamically linked to influence health and health care including environmental, educational, and economic policies.

Policy is an essential part of the health sciences gamut, and to help inform and shape public policy, research and advocacy once carried out, influences decision on practice within political, economic, and social systems or institutions. Similarly, a healthier society depends on excellent research findings and practice, and the better-quality of execution of the policies that support the activities. So nurses, let us realize the value and be aware of policy implications of scientific result and evidence-based clinical practice in facilitating the development of public health policies which may support advances to health and health care here and abroad. Let us join together in recognizing the interconnectivity between research, practice, advocacy and policy in advancing our nursing profession and the healthcare system – transforming to more skilled/trained nurses, and/or translating to more treatments and cures.

Finally, allow me to express my sincerest admiration and respect to the editorial team, authors, and peer reviewers of the 2016 2nd nursing journal issue. It’s a way of PNA’s inexorable commitment to give Filipino nurses with excellent source of scientific research references in their respective area of expertise.

Congratulations and more power. God Bless us all!